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I could hold your beautiful hands

and kiss your beautiful eyelids

1 March

riding bikes through the city

a dash of salt.

"simple, simple it used to be riding bikes through the city. but you cant make it better and you cant drop out of sight...

sunday, sundays after a while leaves you worried inside. but you cant make it better and you cant drop out of sight...

remember the place you know. where things were so still. we were so still. it's perfect for my sweet queen.

when it happens i'll cling to you. we'll go on a thousand trampolines. but you cant make it, you cant drop out of sight."

a dash of salt.
accents, antiques, art, augustana, babies, baby hands, balloons, barefeet, beauty, ben folds, black and white inkings, boys, brand new, butterflies & birds, candy, chocolate, christmas lights, christmas trees, concerts, converse shoes, copeland, cuddling, cupcakes, dancing, dancing in the rain, doodling, dreaming, dresses, eisley, ev angel, excitement, eyes, faith, fashion, finding pretty things, fisheye, food, friends, gilmore girls, goo goo dolls, good poetry, grace, guitars, happiness, hearts, holidays, home, home movies, hugs, humor, hysterical laughter, imaginary things, individuality, inside jokes, jeans, joy, late night, laughing, life, lighters, lightning, lillies, listening, love, lovedrug, loyalty, mae, mail, makeup, mario kart, marriage, messy hair, michigan, midnight, monty python, movies, music, mute math, nature & old books, obsessing, old books, phantom of the opera, photography, piano, pictures, ping pong, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, polaroids, quilts, rain, random adventures, randomness, red, reeses, relient k, remember the titans, roadtrips, rock music, romance, sarcasm, shoes, shopping, singing, sleep, sleeping in, sleepovers, smiles, snow, snuggling, spring & flower smells, stars, storytelling, summer, sunglasses, sunny days, sunshine, swimming, taking pictures, talking, teacups, tears, the beatles, things from the past, thinking, third eye blind, this holiday life, thrift stores, traveling, trinkets & treasures, trips, true love, twix bars, u2, umbrellas, vintage, warm weather, watching old movies, weddings, wind, wit, wristbands, writing-on-your-hand